Gutsy Yoga is opening soon!

Your gut pain holds the key to your empowered purpose.

  • Are you an empath or over giver? Do you suffer from incontinence, anxiety, heartburn, bloating, or irregularity?
  • Tired of feeling excluded because of your food restrictions? Embarrassed about the way your clothes fit?
  • Frustrated with the way your gut seems to hold you back from doing the things that matter to you most?
  • If you’re you are a lifelong learner with Big Purpose and a growth mindset….
  • You know that you matter, you’re ready to value yourself, and you’re invested in your well-being….
  • You know there’s a connection between your gut, heart, brain, and Spirit. But you want to experience it working in your favour, firsthand!
  • If you’re enthusiastic about growth and expansion in your life, this program is perfect for you.
  • Solving your digestive woes is the key that unlocks your personal power. And it gives you unrestricted access to your gut wisdom!
  • Are you ready to boldly step into the biggest, most beautiful version of you, yet? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

“After doing Gutsy Yoga, I’m hungry for breakfast – which is really something, being on chemo. It’s the only meal I have when I don’t have indigestion and bloating. Without this practice, I just don’t feel ready to face the world.” ~ Nadine McGill

“I never used to like Yoga. Usually, the teacher is a pretzel, most of the students are pretzels and I end up feeling awful about myself because I can’t make my body do the things they’re doing. Now, I enjoy every class and my digestion is the best its been for two decades.” ~ Kim Dominguez

“Gutsy Yoga has helped me tremendously in dealing with chronic pain. Even when I don’t have time to get to class, I use the simple tools I’ve learned all the time. They really help to beat anxiety!” ~ Stephanie Woods

“I’m Gutsy Yoga’s #1 fan! Holly’s approach is intuitive, flexible, and allows me to do what I need. Every time I get to class, the rest of the day is more focused. Being grounded in my body is key for my spiritual work.” ~ Sharon Carne

“Committing to my own Self-care 3 mornings each week has been a big deal. My histamine response is about half of what it was, so I’m getting exactly what I need.” ~ Jen Quam

“Since the short time I’m back to practice, I have noticed slight changes like my body is relaxed, better posture and a better digestion. It’s so simple!” ~ Yana Savronsky

“It’s astounding to me at how such simple deliberate movements and breathing techniques have increased my stamina, range of movement, and strength. My digestion has also improved. Thanks Holly!” ~ Deborah Robinson

Gutsy Yoga members often get results in just a few sessions. Here’s why:

  • In every class, we practice specific poses that help support proper digestion
  • I offer variations on the poses for your ‘Gutsy Type’, strength, and ability. You’ll be able keep up regardless of whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years
  • We do simple practices to help you rewire the deep, subconscious habits that keep your body stuck. Get out of Flight-or-Flight mode and move into Rest & Digest
  • I share proven Ayurvedic wisdom to bring your whole body back to balance, including your GI tract.

I know we all have busy lives, so I keep things simple and efficient.

Put digestive issues, stress, and chronic pain behind you. Discover how GOOD you can feel, even in an ‘imperfect’ body that’s still healing.

FEEL that beautiful connection and flow between your gut, heart, brain, and Spirit. Notice how well Life’s content moves through your physical body when that channel is open. Your digestion will begin to mirror this! You know your Big Purpose is calling you in to fully embody the gifts you’re meant to bring to the world. Your body is supposed to be a conduit for even more love, more joy, more energy!! As you expand, the Gutsy Yoga practice expands with you. A practice that seems basic at first goes deeper, beyond the poses. It becomes an experience unto itself. Since the program is online, it’s efficient to practice. You can join live, or practice on your own time. The classes are short, because you’ve go big things to DO, once you’re aligned with all this good energy!!


  • 3 live classes per week. (Monday and Friday from 8:30 – 9am MT and a relaxation-focused session on Wednesday from 8:30 – 9:15am MT. Excluding Canadian & local statutory holidays.)
  • Access to the class replays, as well as the video library of short, pre-recorded practices.
  • 1 masterclass per month. In case you’re unable to attend live, you can submit your questions ahead of time. All the videos have transcripts and are searchable.
  • 1 mindset class per month. Move the mental and emotional blocks around creating a regular practice.
  • A time-sensitive $50 coupon for a 30-minute 1:1 call with me. You may use that time for any of my tools that would serve you.